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What is a Cuckold husband or boyfriend?

The word is often used by husbands who want their wives (or girlfriends) to enjoy sex with different men — or, to reverse the motivation, they want select men take their wives to bed. The cuckold husband may be turned on by having a wife that (at least in his fantasies) is known as being hot, uninhibited, and willing, if not desirous, of regularly having sex with men. Since, the wife may have very different reasons to move in the hotwife direction, the two of them may work together toward this end.

What is a Hot Wife?

A hotwife is a wife who is sexually uninhibited with the freedom and inclination to enjoy sex with both her husband and other men.

From the hotwive's perspective the goal is primarily physical pleasure, especially in being able to regularly reach a climax with different men. She may enjoy the freedom to pursue new sexual partners, sexual variety, and the excitement associated with new sexual experiences.

Although the husband's motivations can be quite varied, the husband of the hotwife — often referred to as the cuckold husband (see below) — sometimes gets vicarious sexual pleasure from his wife's sexual experiences, or in moving his wife's sexual attitudes from "very restricted" to being sexually liberated enough to meet the sexual expectations of different men.

Since "being good in bed" tends to be an ego issue with new partners, the husband may feel (based on anecdotal evidence) that men outside of the marriage can accomplish what he hasn't been able to, and this will open the door to adventurous sexual behaviors.

From the prospective of some women being seen as a hotwife means she garners male attention, levels the playing field with respect to younger and more attractive women, makes other women secretly jealous of her freedom; and possibly most importantly, the hotwife may want to experience the sexual freedom that she feels men have enjoyed for centuries.

Although "promiscuous" used to be a negative term, some women now let it be known that they are "woman enough" and sexually liberated enough to regularly meet the sexual needs of more than one man. Since affairs are not uncommon today, to further impress some of her women friends she may brag about having a sexual "stud," and in a few cases even a well-endowed "black stud."